Intellectually curious.
Lifelong learner.
Technically minded, socially motivated.

Hey! I'm a fourth-year undergrad at Dartmouth College from Montréal majoring in computer science modified with engineering and minoring in public policy. I'm passionate about digital responsibility, security and privacy, AI ethics, and the impact of disruptive technologies on society.

I'm currently in Hanover taking classes about the future of capitalism, political economy in the networked world, and security and privacy vulnerabilities in machine learning models. I'm also looking for full-time work opportunities starting summer 2022!

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AR and VR Development Computer Architecture Data Analysis Digital Electronics Discrete Math Future of Capitalism Machine Learning Numerical Methods Political Economy in the Age of Google Problem Solving via Object-Oriented Programming Security and Privacy in the Lifecycle of IoT for Consumer Environments Security and Privacy of Machine Learning Software Design and Implementation Systems Writing and Speaking Public Policy

Select Projects

VR Croquet[2020]

For our AR and VR development course, a partner and I created a single-player VR croquet game. Together we conceptualized its look and feel, then she designed models, which I incorporated into a Unity scene with physics and gameplay.

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A line-drawing of a virtual reality headset. Image entitled Virtual Reality by Vladimir Belochkin from the Noun Project.

Data-Based Transit Planner[2018]

For my IB Math HL Internal Assessment, I developed a method to propose efficient public transit routes. I scraped points of interest from Google Maps then used various graphical data analysis techniques to iteratively cluster them.

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A scatter plot displaying a sample proposed public transit network from my 2018 project.

Accelerating Magnetic Gear Train Analysis[2017]

For my IB Extended Essay in Physics, I developed a method to predict slipping in magnetic gear trains. Using a few discrete measurements of the stationary system, I could predict its behaviour as it accelerated.

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A magnet field diagram visualizing the magnet field between two interlocking magnetic gears from my 2017 project.